Passionate about online education for the local church in Latin America

hedemarriealoneJane Vella, author of On Teaching and Learning, says that “nothing is more oppressive for an adult in the United States than being unable to read”. Literacy, she says “is the basis of personal power” (Vella, 1995). In the local church in Latin America, we could say the same about our pastors and lay leaders. What can be more oppressive than not having the skills and tools not only to learn how to read God’s Word, but to know how to handle the biblical text in the defense of our faith?

Online education is liberating for people who are constantly challenged by the rapid growth of information affecting those on the local church pews. The pastor continues to be the person where many turn to for advice and consolation when life events do not seem to make sense.

For this reason, ProMETA is a model of education worthy to duplicate. Nevertheless, we would not be able to put together courses designed for transformation without the constant support of people that for years have invested in the missionary efforts in Latin America.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me in this ministry for 29 years, a quarter of a century!